SCSI (1.27mm) Cable Assemblies We manufacture many types of SCSI cables, here is just a selection of the types that we manufacturer for our customers.

SCSI Custom Overmolded Cables

> SCSI 68 MALE / 2*SCSI 68 MALE > PVC overmolding with inner 360 copper shielding Cable > UL20276 26AWG 34 twiisted pairs

SCSI (1.27mm) Cable Assemblies

> Connectors: 2 x External high density D50 male > UL2919 or UL2990 or UL20276, Rated temperature: 80 Deg C, Rated voltage: 30V > Overmolded connector covers > Compliant with UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 Vertical Flame Test >

SCSI (1.27mm) Cable Assemblies

> SCSI 68 pin connectors male to male, IDC termination > Die cast hoods with spring latches > Cable UL20276, 28AWG, 34 twisted pairs, aluminium mylar, tinned copper braid, drain wire, PP insulation, PVC jacket

SCSI (1.27mm) Cable Assemblies

> SCSI 50 pin male connector to mini-centronic 50 pin male connector > PVC overmolding with inner 360o copper shielding > Combination cable 30AWG with 25 twisted pairs, 28AWG with 1 twisted pair, aluminium mylar, tinned copper braid, drain wire, PVC insulation, PVC jacket